An observation of Acronyms in their Natural Habitat

  • IBM – International Business Machines
    • American multinational technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States
  • IBM – Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
    • A ballistic missile with a range of over 5,500 km (3,400 miles).
  • IBM – Introspective Beaver Man
    • A Human/Beaver hybrid of male gender who is characterised by the act or process of looking into oneself


Acronyms are to the inanimate what names are to us. While every company or object is selfish when it comes to their names, they’re more than happy to share out their first letters. As such each acronym holds a different meaning to every individual. A banker would hear IBM and think of a piece of equipment vital to keeping their companies in the competitive market. A general would hear IBM and think of a weapon of war capable of causing massive devastation. I would hear IBM and think of a furry buck toothed human who is a painfully aware of his character and his overall place in the universe as an unnatural fusion of forest guardian and forest destroyer.

Acronyms have all sorts of different identities to the person that hears them. Today I was thinking about one acronym in particular. One whose meaning, as before, could vary greatly if I were to talk to different people.


To a child (a creature whose religion consists of the deities known as Candy, TV and Playtime) AMN could be an abbreviation of A Monkey Nut: The weird orange cardboard things they continue to eat and continue to dislike.

To a Dog, worshipper of walks and pursuer of Good Boy status, it could represent Angry Machine Noise: The sound produced by the evil sucking machine that Humans somehow trust. Of course, the machine’s true goal is to put humans on a leash and the only way to let them know the danger is to bark.

To the demented and deranged, this could even mean Animated Marzipan Nougat: an almond-like, all to chewy, dessert that talks to them about the word of the Sugar King wo’s castle is made of candyfloss. Also apparently give them incredible investment advice on the Stock exchange.

Yes, people use these acronyms. No, it’s not ridiculous. Can’t say, the Nougat in a monocle and top hat made of Gummies told me to keep quiet if I want my share. Yes, I’m running out of comical acronyms.

If you were talk to me about AMN, I would have to give a completely different answer altogether. What each letter represents individually I shall not say, for they alone represent only a small part of what AMN is to me.

To me, AMN is Home. Where I feel safest in the world. It represents more dreams than I could count and more nightmares than I ever wish to have. It is a reason for me to get up in the mornings, to try my best and even to type these words as they sleep behind me. AMN is the reason I will wait up all night and stay in all day for no other reason than to sit next to them as they talk about what they’ve been up to. AMN is the fuel for all my romantic whims. AMN is a thought constantly burrowing away in the back of my head until the moment I see them.

Through observing the behaviour of these acronyms in their natural habitat, only one thing can be determined. Put simply, we are not our labels. NASA is another such label, but depending on who it’s addressing or being addressed by, it could mean National American Space Agency, or Nightingale Appreciation Society Administration, or even Nefarious Amphibians for Sinister Aims (the organisation that took over the illuminati through Frog investment… don’t ask): the same label means countless things in the given context, from Sentient Sweets to Irreplaceable friends. We are only what we make ourselves to be.

And, the above being true, there’s only one thing you can do now. Be the person you aspire to. Whatever people may call you, you are what you make of yourself.

But if you need help, you can always talk to the Nougat.





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