Endings and Beginnings

Well this is it. My first post on this site. Will it be exciting? Expertly written? Instrumental in preventing that deadly asteroid from hitting the Earth? (If you don’t know about said Asteroid, don’t worry about it definitely 100% absolutely totally no Asteroid flying towards us as we speak). The answer to all these questions, quite simply is no. As my first year as a Student draws to a close, I have yet to fully invest into my writing or creative side and therefore lack the skill required to entertain you or even keep your attention.

Yes this post is boring. Really boring as a matter of fact. Nothing exciting to mention at the beginning of this new chapter. No talk of dragons or giants, princess in castles or wolves dressed as the elderly. Not a mention of a parrot with a balding problem or a superhero in a bespoke suit or even a martial artist without arms. No hints of what may be contained in my writings at all really. It’d be a miracle if you’re still reading, but then only disappointment awaits as I drone on about a world with 2 suns and a superhero ghost.

All I can hope now is that despite my failure of a post you defy all known sense and keep watching this site for me to drone about my ever sleep inducing stories. Which I hope to be doing a lot more of over the coming Summer.

And here is where I welcome the endings of this day. An end to my first year of Uni, an end to my lease at my flat, an end to my near 20th year on this Earth.

But with endings, come the chance for beginnings: The beginning of my stories, the beginning of this website and the beginning of year 21.

And the beginning of the maiden voyage of the Apollo Moth

… providing I find a way to deal with that Asteroid

– Jack


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